monday of the week about the job

November 12, 2012 9:03am CST
always ,monday, the first day of the week ,i often get ready to do my job well,No matter others feel tired.but today, i feel some despair for my monitor. Because some people have not reported to the leaders about the things of last week,then my monitor should do it by himself which he thinks it should belong to me to do it.So at the meeting of the morning, the monitor gives a trap let me drop in. As he designed,i drop in,not only be a joke,but also get a criticism. i just want to say ,what the people is ? How can i get along with you?it has nothing to do with me.why me ? Then ,with the dowmcast mood,i carry on my work for 8 hours.Tomorrow ,i should continue my job with the joke i do today.God bless!!
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@kat_2x (105)
22 Nov 12
be optimistic.. just keep a smile on your face.. :)
23 Nov 12
thank you!! i will!
@HuaZhao (457)
• China
13 Nov 12
tym1217,thank you for sharing your story with us. But life is always complicated and our society is even worse. We should have a good attitude toward everything. If there is nothing with you,never mind,everything will be brought into daylight.
13 Nov 12
you are a positive people!!thank you for you advise.i think i will have do my best for the life.