Secret Societies

United States
November 12, 2012 3:31pm CST
Secret societies are becoming exposed online and in investigative television shows. I wonder if these are real or if they simply get covered by sites and shows because they bring in traffic and ratings? I do believe some of the facts they've shown or written about societies like the Masons and the illuminati. Even if it's not true, it does make for some interesting reading. I think some of it may be true though. When you look up the lineage of people in movies and politics they seem to always come from money and have high connections in society. What do you think about all of this?
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• Calgary, Alberta
13 Nov 12
Yup they were real and they are the real ones that runs the most powerful countries on earth, They control the banks, The movie and music industry and the economy of many countries. The world is basically their puppets. They also cause all these wars because world banks earns a lot money when there are wars, Are they a threat? well if you will join Politics, Entertainment industry and military then they were a threat. If you will avoid conflict with the best of your ability, then you are safe.
• South Africa
20 Mar 13
You right. Even if you don't believe you cant deny there is wierd stuff going on in America and on a dollar bills. there even is a cardgame illuminati that depicts the twin towers and the pentagon and was maid in 1995 !! before 9/11 Thats wierd. Also the bible and other religions and culture speak of the 33rd degree abd the number 13. Why would they if it where nonesense ??
• South Africa
20 Mar 13
Don't avoid conflict !! Fight this evil !! Purge it !! We are men of love and we fight for those who need us.