Missing Acting

November 12, 2012 6:27pm CST
I am a freelance stage actress since 6th grade and I have portrayed lots of characters. Acting is my passion and my best talent and I don't know what will happen to me if I will lose it. Now that I have graduated in college, stage plays seem to be hard to find for me and I only facilitate theater acting workshops sometimes. Being a famous actress is my dream but I don't know if it is really for me. I so miss the stage, the scripts, the costumes, my co-actors and the spectators. I wish I could find another opportunity to showcase my acting skills again.
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• Indonesia
27 Mar 13
i prefer you to join art community, may be you can find that opportunity. i do that to my self to. when i think it's hard to be a famous singer. but i keep my passion in music by joining art community. so i can express my self there. and i can sing on stage
• China
26 Mar 13
"If you think you can,you can".Since you have a dream,so why not to keep on pursue it?I believe that if you keep on it in persistent then some days you dream can come true,even you can not achieve you big goal but you have try your best,then you will not feel regret when you getting old.
@mbzzbd (31)
• China
25 Mar 13
It is a great thing that you have a dream or goal .You also have the opportunity to be a actress.The more opportunity you wanted,the more you will find it.I think so.You can find it by TV,by internet,by friends.If you take it for a interest,it's ok,but if you want to be a real famous actress,it is hard,yes only hard.You have the potential to be a actress,but it is luck and complicated to success.You also can write a scripts,your writing is good just like your looking.Go for our dream and do what we can do ,it is ok.
13 Nov 12
Local community projects like local pantomines are always on the look out for new talent, especially over the festive period. You may not get paid but it is well worth the time and effort as they often get covered in local newspapers and you get to mix with the 'right' people. This year we are doing Cinderella and it is loads of fun. Act for fun and get discovered, I hope this helps. :)
13 Nov 12
Community pantomimes are a really fun and great way to showcase your talent and small companies are ALWAYS on the look out for talent. You may not get paid but they are often covered by local newspapers and you can mix with 'thoses in the know'. Christmas is especially busy time so i'm sure that you will find what you want to have a go at. This year our local group is doing cinderella and I am having an awesome time. :) Act for fun and get discovered, is a way that a lot of people have gotten further up the ladder. I hope this helps. :)