I joined a date site a few days ago.

Puerto Rico
November 13, 2012 11:31am CST
I joined on of those date sites a few days ago and I feel so bad about it. Not because of what it means or the results I've had with it, but because its the lowest point in laziness. I'm not that good looking, some people could say I'm as ugly as a mule. But lately I've been so bored that I hardly go out or do anything outside, and instead of changing my lifestyle or going out more I decided to stay indoors and open an account in one of those pages, and I feel like such a lazy idiot that it's affecting how I view the people that write to me on the page. I see them as lazy, so I don't show interest in them at all :P. I'm slowly accepting the idea I should go out more, but I wonder, do you think date sites are dens for the lazy people to meet lazy people? Or are they part of the evolution of humanity and such should be accepted and enjoyed?
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@prashu228 (25501)
• India
13 Nov 12
we cant rely on those sites. its better you go out and spend some time for your self and be happy. All are beautiful, you may have some positive points as well which others don't have. so don't sit blaming ,and move ahead.
• Puerto Rico
13 Nov 12
Hello :D. I'm not completely sure I want to date people right now, I just joined the site because I am alone and I was too lazy to go outside, which made me realize how lazy I was being and then made me sad :P. I'm sure I can get dates if I wanted, even if I'm this ugly, but I can't be bothered to try. I'm lacking motivation :P.