Paid to Click Sites- are they really so bad?

November 13, 2012 4:29pm CST
I posted someting earlier today whcih partly extolled the easy money-earning opportunity of ptc sites. However, I was a bit horrified to find an almost overwhelming tirade of abuse against them! I had posted a comment, not long after I joined Mylot, which bemoaned the welter of people agonising over ptcs and their various merits.I replied saying that they should forget them and trying review writing, bookmaker bonuses etc. I then received a patronising comment from an American member who delighted in telling me that alot of Mylot's contributors' only viable means of income were via ptcs. Is this true? The reason I ask is because I gave ptcs a try and outwardly expressed earlier that they were a good way of building a slow-burn (admittedly)income. However, most responses have painted ptcs in a bad light.It seems I am damned if I do and damned if I don't! It's not as if the US dollar is strong against the GB pound!!! Ptcs are not for everyone, but I am in a reasonably privileged country,financially, but can still see the value of extra income. If ptcs are deemed as legit then why the problem? Surely there's no easier way to drip feed top ups to your income?!!!
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@Lucky12 (770)
• United States
13 Nov 12
I think that it depends on the person. I mean you have to see if it is good for you basically, because there are others that will not do them anymore or never have done them. I tried them, but I cannot do that everyday to make money. I just have to type haha. If it is something that you may find that works for you Good Luck with it and have fun. :)
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13 Nov 12
Hi Lucky12 I certainly gain more pleasure (and income) from review writing and my own initiative. I suppose we must remember that there are people who post on here from countries where the income opportunities are more limited.I have not tried many US sites but,apart from my trading strategies, the writing review sites in the UK have been my best source if income. It is also nice to get recognition from other readers/raters. I do feel for people, worldwide, who can not access/benefit from such sites. Maybe we could push to change this? Mylot is great, but the standard of English grammar on the site would preclude them from being rewarded on US/UK sites.Maybe we could appeal to sites like Triond,Ciao etc to take this into consideration?