what should my roomate pay for?

United States
November 13, 2012 9:10pm CST
i live with my fiance my son and my fiances cousin. they split rent 450 and 450 and thats all they pay for i pay for food electric renters insurance and cable. plus i cook and clean. i just dont feel like this is fair at all because if the exense of food they both eat and the nastyness they both leave. the bathroom needs to be deep cleaned twice a month and the essentals at least everyother day. and they leave black top all over the floor from there nasty shoes and the worst part is today i went to go pee and there was poop in the toliet seat and is wasnt smered poop it was a lagit turd. aaaaahhhhh. oh and they both eat like its there last meal everytime because they both smoke mary jane. i just dont know if its in my place to ask for grocery money or not. what do you think?
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@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
14 Nov 12
You should. I mean, they eat up all the stuff you prepare, and pay nothing. It's unfair. or if not the food, they should buy the other household things, such as shampoo, washing up-liquid, light bulbs, toilet paper, tissues etc.
@beamer88 (4267)
• Philippines
14 Nov 12
It's really hard sharing a place with other people especially when it comes to sharing expenses. What you might probably do is make an itemized list of all the expenses, including grocery, and then divide it in two. The household chores you do, well, that's a bit tricky. Unless you could convince them to clean up after their mess, you just have to bear that one for the moment. But I think the best way is for you and your fiance to eventually find a place of your own.