Difference between back and behind

@Manasha (2318)
Pondicherry, India
November 13, 2012 11:17pm CST
I need to know the difference between back and behind words in our common life. For example we shall say the book is on your back the book is behind you So, in the above sentences both words represent the same meaning. Then why should we use different words for the same sentence. Please explain.
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@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
14 Nov 12
Thanks a ton for your response. Well i can understand your query and how certain words and phrases can cause huge confusion in us. To be very honest both the sentences have some differences. When we say that the book is behind us it means that it is present adjacent to us and not behind our back. But when we say that the book is on my back it means that it is behind my back. So both have separate meanings and there is no need to get confused at all. What say?
@Manasha (2318)
• Pondicherry, India
14 Nov 12
However, I am not convinced with this reply because I think it has some other meaning. Anyhow , thanks for your reply
• United States
25 Nov 12
Behind means not in front of, so if you say Im walking behind you down the path. That is correct. on your back, or on my back, means you are carring something on your back, such as a back pack.
• Philippines
16 Nov 12
here is another example...if i say put the book on your BACK, what you should do is place it on that PART OF YOUR BODY WHICH IS YOUR BACK...but if i say put the book BEHIND you then what you should do is place the book at ANY PLACE AT YOUR REAR. at a distance...