Buy a house and lot or condo

November 15, 2012 1:46am CST
My fiance and I are planning to buy a house and lot, but I was thinking, what if we buy condominium,,what is the difference? I know condominium is very expensive compared to house and lot, I was wondering how come this condo are more expensive than house and lot,compared when buy house and the lot,in condominium,you buy only one space.I don't understand about you my lotties,,which one you prefer? condo or house and lot? and why?
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@Raine38 (9117)
• United States
17 Nov 12
It all depends on your needs and your plans. If you want a place to stay that's near your place of work, with security and is right in the middle of other establishments and commute then a condo is for you. But remember that you don't own the land and the building. If you plan to raise a family, have a proper yard, be able to do your own stuff, be able to barbecue on your own property and have a lifetime investment, then a house and lot is better. Land also appreciates in value as time passes by as long as the place isn't calamity prone like floods or landslides.
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@pahak627 (4198)
• Philippines
15 Nov 12
A condo unit maybe practical for you if it is near your workplace. But accordingly, it has only a life span of 50 years. It's just like leasing a unit for 50 years. I guess it would be better if you will buy a house and lot because its ownership is lifetime and it can be succeeded until your future great great grandchildren.
18 Nov 12
yES,,thank you for sharing your idea dear, I think,,I will take this on board,, :)
• Philippines
22 Nov 12
It should depend on your lifestyle and, as Raine38 says, it depends on your current needs vs. your future plans. For family starters, like in your case, a condo unit can be practical specially if you want to live a "city life" and wanted to avoid the stress of home-to-workplace travel. Stress is really not helpful if you plan to have a baby. Condo unit is a good investment. After 10-15 years you will then have different needs like a bigger space for the growing family. By this time, maybe the condo is already paid in full and you are now capable of buying a house & lot. You will have the option of selling the condo or offer it for short-term/long-term lease. By the later, the condo unit will turn into a money-making machine.
• Philippines
15 Nov 12
buying condo is good if your work is in the city just close and condo most of them in city but buying house and lot you can chose what type of where you want to live. i brought a lot last year im still paying it until now but i still need to pay $2700 but i brought it 300 sqm worth $15000.00 nearly finish but need to work for the house so i can chose what kind of house i like