My interests is reading books.

November 15, 2012 6:58pm CST
I'm interesting to read books. I like read the book as novel, history. If I have a book, I will read it immediately. I want to more books but I haven't enough money. How about you guys?
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• China
16 Nov 12
You download e-books,many e-books need no money, some just spend you a few money, I think you will find what you like on line!
• Macedonia
18 Nov 12
The feeling is not the same. You don't have the smell, the emotion when you hold the book serenity lying down on your bed. I, personally, tried reading online books, but the feeling was missing.
@Shavkat (72461)
• Philippines
9 Dec 12
You can any materials that there is no money involve of buying it. Newspapers can be seen in local establishments, you can have the time to read this. There are also some libraries that they can lend it to you. If it will not cause any trouble, you can ask some friends to borrow some of their books and give it back after consuming the time reading it.
22 Nov 12
try this indiebookfestival website! they're offering books for only cents!
• Philippines
18 Nov 12
I love reading books also, because they are flexible and you can read the story from time to time, the best part is that you can do reading in such schedule time you want to read. Books are traditional forms of creating and giving out information. Books also are the portals of stories adapted to movies and other forms of art.
• United Arab Emirates
18 Nov 12
I also enjoy reading books, but not stories or novels. I like reading about history, wild life, wars, serial killers... these kind of stuff. I also enjoy playing with my ps3, watching movies (specially horror ones) and playing the piano during my leisure time. :D
• Philippines
17 Nov 12
I am fond of reading books as well. i love sci-fi novels and so are thriller and adventure books. I love the works of Sidney Sheldon and John Grisham, Anne Rice and Clive Cussler. I also read History books especially if it's about the Greeks, Roman, Mayans.
@neelia27 (896)
• Philippines
16 Nov 12
me too loves to read books.. but i only got the chance to read a book when i have time and extra money to buy one.. good books are expensive.. good thing there are stores which sells 2nd hand books..
@prashu228 (25490)
• India
16 Nov 12
i read books only sometimes like self help books and psychology ones and also some fantasy's like The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho . So far i read few books and planning to buy some more within my budget.
@celticeagle (122394)
• Boise, Idaho
16 Nov 12
I used to read constantly but now that my eyes are not as good as they used to be I don't as much. I love a good book that takes you into a world and won't let go of you until the story is told. And it does cost to get a good book. I don't usually buy a book when it first comes out. I wait until it has been out a while and the cost has gone down. You can get books on Amazon for 0.01 if you like older books.
@bluespygirl (2112)
• Philippines
16 Nov 12
I am into book reading too. I like reading a lot. I always bring a book or magazine with me when I go out of the house. I prefer those that kindle or ebooks. When I start a book, I also want to finsish it right away. I do have some books and since I can't afford to buy for now, I exchange it to a school reading center. Reading Center is different from their library so I guess it is okay and they allowed me to exchange my old books to their collection.
@Raine38 (9187)
• United States
16 Nov 12
I am also fond of reading. I read almost anything, from non-fiction to romance, anything that captures my attention. I usually purchase books for my kindle, but if it's a limited edition collectible book from my favorite author, I will try to get the actual, physical book.