MY MOTHER...the stRongest person I know..

November 16, 2012 3:36am CST
MY MOTHER... Life without someone who loves us just like an empty world. Everyone of us have their own person who always takes care of them. So do I, She is the only one, "MY MOTHER". My mother's life is the succession of obstacles in life. Growing up in a poor family, my mother must work very hard to earn her living at her early ages. She herself has trained an extremely strong will and ability to deal with each difficulty and stand up to move on from her failures. She is just an ordinary woman who have an extraordinary fortitude, perseverance and kindly heart person. The kind of mother who brought me up with her whole kindly heart, the kind of persistent woman with strong willpower who had to face the toughest challenges in life and have a great willingness to help everyone though she didn't have much. "My father left us when I was 5 year old. Left us nothing!. My grandma, she's never been good to my mum ever since. She got all what my fathers property and left us nothing. My Mum didn't said anything, she told us that for us to have our own we have to work hard. No support from my father by then so our life became bit miserable, some of my brothers stop schooling while my mum is working hard for us. I never seen her unhappy, she is always smiling and she is always thankful for what happened. I couldn't understand why she is thankful that my father left us, and left us nothing as well. My mum is almost working 24/7 as i can remembered. When I woke up she left to work already and before I sleep she's not home yet. I barely seen her at home even on weekends. So she don't have much time with us especially with me. But she always make sure that she can provide us everything we need. And we have some relatives who depended on us and still my mother help them even though we don't have much anymore since my father left. She never stop helping others. And now that my grandma died and my father is sick she still accepts my father and take care of him despite of what my father did to my mum. I owe my strength to her. Her life experienced has made me more stronger to face every hardship, to overcome each failure and move on. I also realized the invaluable gift of life and true happiness to view the world more optimistically and to believe in the brighter future. I can never thank my mother enough for what she has given US.
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@Arieles (2474)
• United States
28 Nov 12
Your Mum does sound like a strong lady and how blessed you are she is able to teach you the value of working hard and staying positive under such dire circumstances. Few people would have been able to do so well. She truly is a lady to be admired. It is strong people like this that help to build the backbone of America, the ones that never give up hope and always doing what they feel is best for their families.
@jdalaqui (1074)
• Philippines
18 Nov 12
Mother's are physically weak but they can be more stronger than men in character and attitude. That makes them stronger than men. you are blessed to have a mother you can count on.
@iMamom (321)
• Philippines
18 Nov 12
Hlfbldmom, What a great MOM ... Shes lucky to have you her daughters and son as well, Since you have been good childrens. Shes a role model as well,Even your dad left you all she is still forgiving and kind. My mom was the same when we were young. Shes very hardworking however she felt tired, I love my mom however there are things that she is not good with. Though I dont feel good about my mom sometimes she is still my mom and I love her too...
@jureathome (5363)
• Philippines
16 Nov 12
You are blessed to have a mother like her. Although, her life wasn't something others would wish to have, but she lived it well for you and her family. She is indeed, a strong woman. And, she deserves nothing but the best from you. My mother is also very special to me, and like you, she is the strongest person I know in this world. If i could only be half the mother she is, I would be very proud.