Smehoterapiya a new type of treatment

November 16, 2012 8:25am CST
Nowadays Smehoterapiya gaining ground in our lives Scientists say that if you laugh heartily for half an hour a day,you will be saved from all ills. We will normalize blood pressure and lower the cholesterol and sugar. Smehoterapiya not yet widespread, but many scientists considered ideal therapeutic method. The healing effect of laughter is incomparable to exercise to tone, medicinal drugs and any health potions. According to research by U.S.scientists, including employees in supermarkets, which most are smiling positive changes have occurred in their character. Began to disappear and other disorders associated with mental stress such as hypertension insomnia and headaches. The brain and endorphins are released, or so-called "hormone of happiness" This is why people feel happy and secure. Endorphins are substances that block pain. Laughter stimulates the development and lymphocytes- cells fighting infections. Smehoterapiya not only improves health and mood,but also contribute to the absorption of large amounts of information, because while we laugh increases blood circulation. Laughter and normal functioning of the digestive system. Smehoterapiya however, is not limited to belittling jokes and problems of the patient. The main task of the therapist is to assist clients in finding tools to induce laughter. Laughter releases three emotions - anger, anxiety and boredom. A sense of humor and ability to laugh, however, are two different things The center responsible for the ability to celebrate the people,and the speech is located in the left hemisphere of the brain. While the "center of Laughter" is located in the right hemisphere. That's why scientists speak of morphological and genetic predisposition of humor.
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16 Nov 12
i gathered news about it and it seems like its a new kind of condition of hyper ventilation where in we get addicted to the cells