Green Day 90's

November 16, 2012 1:31pm CST
All Green Day fans must know that Green Day in the 90s and Green Day now are two different band. "Dookie", one of the best albums in history is my No. 1 favourite. With the hits like "Basket Case", "Whatsername" this album should not be forgotten. Although Green Day have changed through the years, one of the newest albums, "American Idiot" became a real commercial hit. I still loved it. Especially "American Idiot", "Jesus of Suburbia", "Holiday" and the commerical hits: "Wake me up when september ends" and "Boulevard of broken dreams". But, to be honest, they became commerical because these songs were much more closer to the greater people mass, when made them famous. So, what's your opinion? Is Green Day still the same Green Day from 20 years ago? Are their new songs better then the old one? Are they worse?
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• Philippines
18 Nov 12
Green day's a legend! i love the band and they do have different music from time to time. i love the fact that with this the band proves that they can be flexible considering the eras that they had their fame hit up. I like their song Warning and their new song Oh Love. both have different vibe but still have that Greenday signature. :D
• Macedonia
18 Nov 12
Agree. Oh Love is the best from the Uno! album. And from Dos!, "The forgotten" is just legendary. I guess, you're right. The flexibility of Green Day makes them one of the greatest bend in modern music.
• Philippines
18 Nov 12
Agree, they withstand as years goes by. and prove that they can really rock the scene. :D
21 Nov 12
In my opinion, I love all of their albums and songs, no matter what era they come from. Green Day most certainly are not the same band they once were but that doesn't mean they're less of a band. They're just...different now! I can safely say that I will always support them in all they do. They're still the same guys, with the same beliefs and the same love for music that they have always had. But hey, that's all in my opinion!
@tedifa (1235)
• Indonesia
19 Nov 12
I prefer Green Day in right know,their song i think more complete between lyrics and chords.I've been playing their song such as : Basket Case,When i came around,jaded,more.I think it was simple sounds.And now going better.So far i like them.