Brandon Hantz having a Facebook meltdown

Calgary, Alberta
November 16, 2012 5:59pm CST
If you dont watch survivor and doesnt know who is Brandon Hantz, please dont post. I know some of you guys remember Brandon Hantz AKA Russell Hantz Nephew, something disturbing about him is going on. Former survivor contestants fighting on facebook has been normal to me because some contestants really hold grudges after the game as in they cant move on with their lives but what is going Brandon had been disturbing. First he had been bashing his Uncle Russel on facebook to the point they were disturbing. He also sad his uncle is not really a Millionaire as he claimed. Then he complained how his uncle and the rest of Hantz family were bullying him. Then he make some disturbing confessions, he just said he s molested as a child by one of his dad's football team mate. some of his other confessions had been disturbing. He seemed to be depressed. It seemed like after he played Survivor South Pacific, his Uncle Russell had been bullying him for his bad game. he seemed like he needs help.
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