Sheldon fooling Howard and Raj, and Leonard getting Hit On

@stealthy (8188)
United States
November 16, 2012 6:04pm CST
It was really hilarious when Sheldon made Howard and Raj think he was exploring other dimensions with the fake video for their hidden camera. Then it turned out his secret was playing hackysack. I could relate a little bit with Leonard's failure to realize that Sheldon's assistant was hitting on him. I can remember a few times when a girl was flirting with me and I only realized it later when it was too late. It pretty much always was a situation where I had to pick up on it then and act on it since the chance of seeing her again was slim. Of course Leonard is dating Penny so he wouldn't do something even if he did realize she was hitting on him.
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@dainy1313 (2354)
• Leon, Mexico
14 Jan 13
Hi Stealthy I love so much how Penny slightly flirts Leonard, and I do enjoy looking Leonards reaction. Sometimes, specially when we are young we are just too innocent, and we donĀ“t know many things of love. But maybe you can find your friend by facebook, maybe she is married, or she is mother, but she can be your friend. I`m sure she`ll be happy to find you again. I tell you this for a friend of mine, that I found in fb. Blessings Stealthy... dainy
@AmbiePam (49868)
• United States
17 Nov 12
I wish Penny were nicer to him.