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United States
November 16, 2012 8:50pm CST
I know there are a lot of sites like blog sites and writing sites where you can make money on and I remember a long time ago I signed up for Freelancer.com and they keep sending me emails but I never understood it and when I went to the bottom to unsubscribe it said not allowed so I just keep deleting the emails too confusing for me, And then sometimes when I am on Microworkers I see the jobs they have but it says pr1 blog website what is that? Do you have to have a website or something? And then I stopped at Triond well not completely but sometimes I will write a small story but the pay is so low. Do you know of any other sites like that that you can write on? And I could never understand what a blog is? Can someone explain please? I would really be grateful for some help. Oh well have a good day.
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@alberello (4755)
• Italy
17 Nov 12
Well, dear friends loved jahernandezrivas. First, the precise definition of a blog, it is: A BLOG is a diary of the network (source Wikipedia). I know it is possible at certain sites, just write a blog with topics to pleasure to be economically rewarding, but until now, no one has suggested any site of its kind. I have also heard of your cited FREELANCER, but I have not good clear idea of how its works. Maybe some other Mylot user might give you more details in search of a better website where you're actually paid for what you write.
• United States
17 Nov 12
Thanks for your response and the info, That Freelancer thing is so confusing to me I just stopped reading the emails. Hope you are having a god day.
@lemeask (25)
• Pakistan
17 Nov 12
I have also the same story, i have visited many website. But i could not found any website where i can earn money. i have signup Freelancer.com where i did not understood. They were also sending me email. but i did not respond. Now im here on mylot wher i am trying to adjust. And i do not have any other website and do not know the other website of earning online money.
• United States
17 Nov 12
I know Freelancer is so confusing I just never got it thanks and have a great day.