Jobs of extra income for student.

November 17, 2012 3:39am CST
I always wanted to have a job as a student add to school things. Jobs with less stress, just as an extra source of income. My Brother does Photography to get some little income, but even thou it is interesting I don't really like it. Is their any other job you guys as students are doing that serves as source of income? I really need to get started with something, that will bring me some money. Guys please, if you have any idea or job you do that is less stressful and serves as a source of income share it.
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• China
19 Nov 12
I was a tutor when I was a college student, are you interested in it? You may have fun with kids, but better not, becuase the parents might be around you:) Good luck to you!
• Philippines
18 Nov 12
Hi Olorunleke. There's a lot of online job available on the internet. But to be successful on that you must choose the one that matches your interest. You have mentioned you don't like Photography. Then what do you like? If you like writing then you can try to start by blogging, after that you can level up into article writing like what I have done. I am earning more than $10 a day. It just require more hard work as you need a lot of research and follow the specific instructions that your hiring manager will require you to do. Try to sign up an account with oDesk. There are a lot of opportunities there that you might want to try. Just always use your better judgment if the contractor is good enough for you. Check their previous workers feedback. Have a great day and good luck to you.
@tedifa (1235)
• Indonesia
18 Nov 12
You can see the example from your brother.He did his hobby to make extra income.So please find your hobbies that could be your extra income.Singing,painting,and more.If you're enjoy with that,sure it will be jobs with less of stress.
@bhelle76 (354)
• Canada
17 Nov 12
Maybe it is better to apply as a working student in the school where you're at. Or any fast foods restaurant like Mcdonald, burger king, etc. I knew a lot of students who work in this establishments...
• Philippines
17 Nov 12
The simplest is buy and sell. Find something that you like selling and enjoy it. The key to finding a part time is that you have to like the work and does not give you extra effort.
@Mavic123456 (9869)
• Thailand
17 Nov 12
Cant you work partime in a department store or a food chain? It is less stressful specially now they are hiring because of the christmas season. Most department stores or food chain stalls hire people to cater the needs of the growing customers. It is going to be busy Malling and eating time starting this month up to next month. Have you tried applying there? It is less stressful in a way you will be able to meet people a lot. Encounter different kinds too. what can you say?