General Hospital vet watchers..need help on characters!

@coffeebreak (17820)
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November 17, 2012 9:45am CST
I have been watching since 1968. I have seen it all! granted some times while in school and before the VHS recording option I missed alot but for the last 35 years...pretty regularly viewed. But I have two discrepancies...can you help me? You just need to be watching the last about 10 years...give or take. First...Monica has just said (when relating the story to AJ) that it was Steven Lars Webber that helped her get AJ out of the hospital. Steven is there now, but in my memory...he wasn't even a character on the show back when AJ died. As I remember it..the fight with AJ and JAson and Alan being shot in the back and then Michael watching that other guy with the pillow in the hospital and all....and I remember them showing AJ (Billy Worlock) on the slab at the morgue and Alan identifying him. Then the alot happened and then the Metro Court bombing happened and that was when Alan had the heart attack that killed him. He was Chief of Staff at the time. When he died, Monica took over as Chief of Staff...remember Patrick was up for it and so was some other non-known doctor, and they fought about it and the board chose Monica to replace ALan. Then something happened that she had to step down and that is when Steven Lars came to town and took over. Then when the Lisa Niles thing happened...he stepped down and Monica went back as Chief of Staff. So how can they say that Steven was the one that helped her get AJ out of the hospital? He wasn't even there then. Even a "couple of years" vet would know this so why are they using him as the accompliss? Second...I just never liked the Anna, Duke and Fasion characters and all them fighting over who "gets" Anna...but I did watch...but I dont' remember the details to much as I didn't like it, my time recollection... I don't think Elizabeth was even around during that time...late 80's early 90's so how can they make her remember Faison when she sketched him yesterday? Her sister Sara was the first Webber back in town and Sara and Lucky had a thing going while in high school. The Elizabeth came to town and fell for Lucky who didn't give her the time of day..then she was ra*ped and Lucky found her and that is when those two "got together". Robin was very young..even in the replays they show her about 5, 6 years old..and Robin is older than Elizabeth, how can they make Liz be the one that knows Faison? Granted, it doesnt' really matter, because Robert (YEA ROBERT IS BACK!!!!) was around then..he was married (at one time) to Anna and him, Faison and Duke were all fighting over the wench! Or maybe he was married to Cathrine the piano player at that time... but he was still in the brawl with the others. Do you have any different recollection of these two time lines?
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