thinking of getting a hybrid but??

@bryanwmc (1052)
November 17, 2012 8:49pm CST
Just had a mind to maybe do my small contribution to the global environment whether insignificant or not, in that .Been asking myself . Should i switch my dependable Honda City to a Hybrid car from whats available. Feel bad enough as it is reading about how i am contributing to the warming situation by just driving around and using this and that. Then from nowhere i read an article stating that the pollution problem is just shifted from car makers to power companies when we drive around in EVs(electric vehicles) or hybrids. Darn it! Now more confused than ever..Besides the hole in my purse ,if i do switch, I get the impression that i may not be doing my part in making things any better but just status quo or worst.
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@gunsing (142)
• Indonesia
18 Nov 12
start with the simple and easy option: try to reduce your car mileage, by more walking, cycling, public transport etc. when you make your gas money down to 80-90% than usual then you're OK, still many bad ignorant people out there.