How would you behave in a foreign land when things doesn't work in your favor?

November 18, 2012 6:51pm CST
MyLot is composed of people from all walks of life from around the globe with different cultures. This is exactly the reason why it is a good venue to express your thoughts and share your life experiences to gather responses that matters. Having said that, I am opening up a topic on "how a person from the first world country should behave when stepping to a foreign land which is a third world country?". When the government and business processes doesn't work in your favor, would you do your dead level best to understand the culture, gain friends and create a harmonious relationship with the locals to create a personal level connection with the hope of making things work? Or would you tell the local residents on their faces that their system sucks and curse the country for being a third world and that it is the place where you never dreamed to be? Or lay down the law on people and treat them like slaves to show your superiority to getting things done? Think of yourself as the native of the land where a foreigner tells you "your people suck that's and I hate third world countries." Thank you so much MyLotters.
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@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
19 Nov 12
Well, I think, that no matter where you are, you should learn to speak according to their level. Since you are in a different country, one must exercise due care in spilling out words that could hurt anyone. It is normal to not have the same things, ideas and other stuff as that of your own country. We just need to give due respect to people whenever and wherever.
19 Nov 12
Learning to speak according to their level and maybe you can get all the support that you can. Sometimes, the reason why we are not getting the desired result is because of communication which can either be brought by the language barrier or in some cases, ethical approach. Speaking at the same level most of the time gives us the best result. Diplomacy yields positive response most of the time. Thanks Jenny.
@gunsing (142)
• Indonesia
19 Nov 12
I live in Indonesia, and I believe it's third world country. so what can I say? but from my observation, if that foreigner is here for business, and that's what make me admire them, they will do anything to make their business runs smoothly, they are not quitters or like to grumble. Most foreigners have a very good working attitude.
19 Nov 12
If I am investing my money elsewhere of course I will do anything to get good returns and that includes investing on people and relationship. A good businessman knows his way around including dealing with differences in cultures to get his money's worth. Thanks Gunsing for sharing.
@kiran8 (15399)
• Mangalore, India
11 Dec 12
Hi rma, First of all there is a ground rule that you follow the rules of the country , whichever it may be small, big,more powerful whatever ! No country is perfect and third world countries more so, living there for a person coming from a developed country can be frustrating and it is natural for anyone to criticise. But to put down any country is not the done thing, instead a constructive criticism helps when it is done with a genuine interest...all the best and happy mylotting