...can't I be emotional over a decsion?

November 18, 2012 9:05pm CST
I would like to believe that I am a person ruled by reason and logic. but sometimes, they are instances when my emotional side just peeks through. I was having a debate about Independence thing and I got tired of the subject. I have good logical points (economy, business and so on) and I ended it with a somewhat emotional appeal. I said that it feels that I might be losing something inexplicable over the said occasion. And somewhat I won't want to feel a foreigner. I thought some people will understood since they also use they emotions to justify their actions. However, i was badgered because I was so emotional! I amen, dang it, does that mean I can't get emotional too? Is this one way street? I know that some drastic situations require a cool head and less emotional but seriously, if I add an emotional appeal, does that give my points somewhat useless and not worthy of understanding?
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@beamer88 (4267)
• Philippines
20 Nov 12
I think we need emotions when we're arguing for what we believe in. Like our passion sometimes helps us not succumb to pressures (like badgering) from the other person we're having an argument with. Yet, most times we need to keep these emotions in check since they can really affect the decisions we make. They can veer us away from the issue at hand or might blind us to the other person's points also.
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3 Dec 12
Thanks for your insight. I try to keep my feelings in check when giving an arguments but sometimes those people on the otehr side can also be too much emotional when defending their case. I don't blame them because they believe in their stand but I Seuss I could also play that game even without the same degree.