"THIS?" or "THAT?"

@archabu (205)
November 22, 2006 5:32am CST
"THIS?" or "THAT?" ===================================================================================== As the name indicates: The game is about choosing between "THIS?" or "THAT?"! ===================================================================================== It truly sucks to make RULES for games but sometimes RULES rule! *PLEASE only two (2) choices are allowed in each "THIS?" or "THAT?" question: No more than three (3) words for "THIS?" and three (3) words for "THAT?". Properly Coded URLs/Links as the "THIS?" or "THAT?" questions are welcome. *Your reply can ONLY answer the previous question, immediately above your post. *Your reply MUST answer with one or the other choice on the FIRST line of the posted reply. *Posted Replies need to be short: No more than a total of five (5) lines per post. This initial post being the exception. *All Posts must be related to computers, geeks, and/or nerds, etc. Please attempt to make the questions Informative and Relevant. Absolutely NO Political or Religious questions/answers, pleeeease! Technically, the questions can cover almost any topic but PLEASE try NOT to sway too far. *The LAST line of ALL posts must ALWAYS end with a "THIS?" or "THAT?" question. *A (mistaken or otherwise) Repeat Question bars you from participating for the next 24 hours. cheers! I will start off the game by asking the first "THIS?" or "THAT?" question: Playstation 3 or XBox360?
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