Shadow Shines "The guilt moves"

November 19, 2012 7:47am CST
In our life we commit lots of mistakes, no human being be without committing mistakes. But the thing is to realize the mistake and be sorry for what we done, never try to do the same mistake. If we do the same mistake again and again by knowing it is a mistake what is the use of realizing it?? To shadow shines, know the mistake and do not commit it again the our guilt moves to brightness so think twice before you take any decision not for play, take for shine. why people take granted for everything and commit mistake? Why cant they think before doing things? why cant they think their mistakes may hurt others, sometimes them self!!
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@Shavkat (65004)
• Philippines
29 Dec 12
If we feel guilt in dealing with our own conscience towards other people. It means we are considering the fact of being human. The sensitivity not to hurt other people or give innocence advice to them. We need to learn how to be at peace for clearing our conscience.