Ugh more drama

United States
November 19, 2012 3:02pm CST
Ok I invuted my sister down for the weekend to have a good yesterday out of the blue we told my cyzzin lied in my sisrer when we was at a party 2weeks he told his gf tgat he felt my sister up and when it was brought to our attention we talked like adults untill the girl decided to say she wanna take it to another level im like wow really man aint nobody gonna touch her because I brought her down here and she should feel safe we already told u it was a lie.omg tgey took that and ran with it telling people we tryin to jump her etc then my cuzzin grab me I snapped so he then rell me im not his cuzzin my family claiming them im like wow I dont believe u said tgat so I left tell me y these people still on this drama today ugh either fight it out if its dat serious or stfu like rally doe yall feel me whats ur thoyghts
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