Online Dating

November 19, 2012 8:50pm CST
I've noticed many girls nowadays go to internet cafe to chat with foreigners .Some girls takes more time to stay on the net finding a man .Do you agree in finding love in the internet? whats your idea?
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• Philippines
3 Dec 12
Online dating is a good way to start off making good relationships from abroad. The benefits of online dating is that you don’t need to wear fancy dresses for dinners, you don’t need to book a restaurant for meet-up, all you need is your computer an internet connection, and a reliable video or chat program. Online dating is a fresh start to meet new people from different parts of the world. It helps other knowing someone else’s culture and share your cultures as well to them. The vital role of such dating is communication. You need to understand them and try to make it a point giving out a good conversation without hitting miscommunications with it.
• Canada
20 Nov 12
Finding somebody in through internet is ok. The internet will find a suitable person who meets the criteria of each other. Internet have advantage of broadening the network. However this is just for the first step. "Relationship" as what the word say, it is a connection between 2 people. So it is important to know the other person personally. This is key to a long last relationship.