United States
November 20, 2012 12:03am CST
So my dad recently started calling Skrillex's music "s**t music" i really dont care but i was wondering what your guys' opinion on his music is. I personally love it, i think it is really really cool and fun.
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@marcmm (1806)
• Malaysia
21 Nov 12
Everybody had their own personal taste. I cn understand regarding your dad say it a s**t music because it is not within his taste. A fun and cool music to you might not be the same to other person. Some people like music with aggression and some like slow and soothing music. It all depend on personal choice. Anyway I dislike skrillex as well. I'm more to metal.
• Sweden
21 Nov 12
Skrillex is ok for me but I just feel its below par. Skillet is much better than Skillet. Its just my taste.
• United States
2 Dec 12
Its probably just an age gap thing because i also notice that it's like that with everyone. for instance i have started to do that with newer radio music i think most of it sucks with the exception of a few songs. i would boil it down to your dad sees skrillex as most of the world sees Justin beiber, Skrillex is very good but i also recommend you open your pallette. Take a look at "Going Quantum" or "Bare Noise"
26 Nov 12
Who's Skrillex?
• United States
24 Nov 12
I'm a fan of dubstep, electronica, trance, etc. but I'd have to completely agree with your dad. Skrillex makes s**t music compared to the rest of the artists in the genre. I don't want to sound offensive but it seems to me that the only reason you adore Skrillex's music is because it has been mainstreamed. You seem fairly new to the genre so the best suggestion I have for you is to go onto Pandora or IHeartRadio (or some other website), type in "dubstep" when creating a new station, and listen to it for a few hours without skipping any songs.