GTA 5 System requirements

November 20, 2012 12:54am CST
the legendary game developer rock-star is back with Grand theft auto and this time it's GTA5, seeing the performance of GTA4 and it's fine details and graphics, a question arise? will my system will be able to play GTA5? so i just wish to know the system requirement by which i can play this awesome game at-least at medium configuration.
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• Kochi, India
20 Nov 12
Sorry bro i don't know the system requirements.I have seen the 2 trailers,they really disappointed me.I mean the cars and animations are just fine,but the peds?they look just like the gta 4 ones.
• India
22 Nov 12
surely graphics are much more compare to GTA 4, and map is vast too. so surely there will be a system requirement. the cover story is already released for GTA 5 and not to say , i am a bit disappointed too. cars are amazingly and fast in GTA 5, i really hates cars in GTA 4.