Face getting bigger

November 20, 2012 9:01am CST
Hello there fellow mylotters. Today I'll be talking about myself being self conscious over something. So I'm really getting conscious with my face right now. I asked my parents and even some of my friends about my concern and they told me not to bother with it and that I am only being overly conscious. I'm really conscious about my face. I often think that it is getting bigger and bigger. My cheeks that is. Then there's also my chin. I don't want to have a double chin! What to do?! My body is skinny. I think that the fat goes into my face and not distributed throughout my body. Is it just me? How can I lose this fats that I think I have? Please help. If there's anyone out there with some suggestions. Do respond to this discussion. I am really getting myself worried about it.
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@cearn25 (3460)
• Philippines
27 Nov 12
I really hate it when my mother and also my boyfriend would tease me about my face. They say my face is so big. What can I do? This is my face. I didn't do anything about it to be big. I think they are telling the truth. But it is good for me because I used to have a very thin face.
@doroffee (4229)
• Hungary
20 Nov 12
Maybe you could go to a doctor or a specialist... sometimes there are hormones growing or any other illnesses that could cause something like this. It should be sorted out. If it isn't like that, you should accept it, as accepting yourself in and out is the secret of healthy life. Nobody looks perfect :).
@prashu228 (25508)
• India
20 Nov 12
hi, i saw some people like you why don't you try some face related exercises or try some yoga. I can understand how it looks when our face gets bigger .
@jaiho2009 (39000)
• Philippines
20 Nov 12
You said you are skinny but your face is getting chubby. Are you taking some medicines or vitamins that maybe the cause why you're face is getting chubby. I have a friend who has same problem due to her medicine. She is taking some steroids due to her asthma and that made her face chubby thus giving her un-proportion looks to her body.