How will you react if cheated by your partner?

November 20, 2012 12:05pm CST
I have never thought about this fact besides this thread that what will be the reaction of a person if he find himself cheated by his partner? I have no idea what will be my reaction to it? May be I will get silence and think for a while before reacting to it as it is very sensitive to heart and mind. It is very difficult to withstand against such happening. Will you share your constructive reaction against such occurring?
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@valerievy (162)
• Guam
21 Nov 12
I would probably feel betrayed and let down. I wouldn't give him the time of day to explain himself because I couldn't bear the thought. I would ignore him and give myself time to collect. And even though I'm so hurt, I would probably still confront him and ask him all sorts of questions just because he's the one I trusted so much. And for him to break that trust, was it that I wasn't enough for him? And I would probably tell him to leave because he already chose that route when he chose to cheat. And the best revenge on him and who he cheated with is to let them go on with their lives together. And if he had the audacity to cheat on me with her, who's to say he won't cheat on her with another? A real man wouldn't cheat, and he just proved his worth when he cheated on me.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
21 Nov 12
There was an incident that I thought that my husband was cheating on me. He was kinda flirty talking on his cellphone and he didn't notice I was half way up the stairs and he was inside our bedroom. When I heard his voice sounded that way, immediately my chest tightened, I had palpitations, my knees went weak and I could hardly breath. I almost didn't make it going down the stairs. I wanted to just sit down and help myself calm down. I was shaking all over. I called my sister in law through Skype and even though I could barely talk coz I was shaking real bad, she understood what I said. she even got worried coz she thought I'd collapse. I think the shaking and hyperventilating went for the next 30 minutes. I did not confront my husband that day. I let it pass for another 2 days. Then one night he slept in the other room. I was looking for his cellphone but couldn't find it. So what I did , I called his phone. But even though it was ringing on my cellphone, I could not hear it ringing in the house. And guess what? His phone was in mute and placed it inside one of my bags. Mysterious, right? So when I found out, I really was mad at him. And well, he wasn't in anyway be caught. He was even mad ay me for thinking that way. So what he did was he took out the sim card of his cellphone and threw it out the window. Well, I really didn't know what was the truth, but there is such a thing as a "woman's intuition".
• Romania
20 Nov 12
I'm glad to heard that this never happened to you. One of my exgirl cheated on me. My reaction? For the moment, I enjoyed that she wasn't near me because bad things could happened. Long term reaction ? I passed over my ego and I don't told her anything but I played with her a little bit. I just want to teach a lesson and show how I felt when I heard that she cheated me. I know it isn't ok but I felt really hurt because I know that I made everything to be ok and we became a cuople. I swear that she was the first who made this to me. WORD!
@ctryhnny (3463)
• United States
20 Nov 12
It's never happened to me but if it did he would be out of my life forever. If I can't keep him happy nobody can and he can look around all he wants. I wouldn't tolerate it!