Monthly conversation with the doctor, but today, a phone call ..

@alberello (4755)
November 20, 2012 12:14pm CST
This morning, I went to the clinic for my monthly visit from my psychiatrist. After a long time which I did not see her the topics to talk about, were manifold. Precise appointment time at 12.00, I start to talk about my problems. At some time, in her office, the phone rings! was a phone call very, very important and urgent, so she talked on the phone for about twenty minutes. ON THIS, HOWEVER I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO OBJECT! Now, I know very well that I am not the only patient of this doctor (the estimate in the clinic, is clear: 4000 psychiatric patients for only 20 doctors!), But I have to admit that this morning, with that phone call, fortune, it is not was on my side. In the end, however, I still managed to talk her of my usual psychological problems. She did not want me at the time to change my medication. The next appointment will be with her for the 3rd of December. Then I will have more to say her that I could not do this morning.
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• United States
20 Nov 12
She still could have waited to take the phone call until your session was done, or gave you an extra twenty minutes past when you were supposed to be done! It's understandable that she has other patients, but she should have compensated your lost time in some way. I hope you still didn't have to pay for those 20 minutes lost!
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@alberello (4755)
• Italy
20 Nov 12
Well, let's say things to the order of the session, we talked. however, it is still useful to clarify some details that, as I wrote in my discussion, we will do the next 3 December
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• India
12 Mar 13
Hi friend, good to know that you had a health conversation with your doctor, as you mentioned your doctor is very busy person, so there is nothing wrong in consulting about our health via phone. Hope you met doctor in the next appointment and checked your health well
@toniganzon (54000)
• Philippines
22 Nov 12
I don't like to be interrupted when i'm working on something or even when i'm having a conversation with someone. I do understand though that i was a very important call, however, if i were the doctor i still wouldn't get it because my client is more important especially one that is needing a psychological help.