I Really Woke Up a Sleeping Monster!

@adforme (2116)
November 20, 2012 4:07pm CST
I did not know how much I would miss Twinkies until they were gone, for now anyway. The current status of Twinkies woke up a sleeping monster in my life, my love for snack cakes. I really did not think of the that much until now. I guess because Twinkies were one of my favorites. If Twinkies are allowed to survive, they will be a staple on my grocery list. Sure, there are other snack cakes. But, Twinkies was one of the best. Anyway, I have a healthy diet so that I can earn my snacks. My sweet tooth never left me, but a very beloved sweet treat may. Holding onto hope right now.
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@Hrozean (116)
• United States
20 Nov 12
Don't lose hope I don't believe twinkies will go out of business at least for long. Besides there are plenty of sugary snacks you can get if indeed hostess does go out of business. The other thing to remember is yes you may have to settle for your second favorite sugary snack but at least there are still sugary snacks for us to earn and enjoy.
@adforme (2116)
21 Nov 12
I agree, there will always be snacks. Some are tried and true and for our taste buds we can try something new.