why do we hates our bf always smoking cigar?

November 21, 2012 12:00am CST
my boyfriend decide to go his doctor for him to give something to make him stop from smoking but unfortunately the doctor didnt give him some pills..Doctor said that hes not addicted to the nicotine its in his mind that he needs it.He tried to smoke it slowly hes always hot temper he alaways pissed off.Im sad because i want him to quit but until now he still smoking even he put some patches to minimize it..my reason that i dont like him to smoke because that cigar make him old not good to health and very xpensive...
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@jangga93 (39)
• Philippines
21 Nov 12
engaging into smoking is a bad habit it can really affect your health. they say each stick is equivalent to seconds of your life that will lost. well my bf too does this habit and im convincing him to stop even just for a little by little stick per day until he quits, but i don't know if this really would be effective but I hope it would. So just keep convincing him, coz we dont want our love ones die early :)