Good bye Edward Quartermaine...hello....?

@coffeebreak (17820)
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November 21, 2012 4:55pm CST
Last we saw Edward was at that poison water scare..and he gave Emma the antidote that was intended for him...and he (the actor) was in a wheel chair and didn't speak at all. Now, yesterday Edward Quartermaine died peacefully at his home. It was rather sad and well done by the writers. It was nice that Sam brought Danny to see him...Edwards first great grand son...named after him. So now....the only full Quartermaine left is Tracy and she has 2 boys different fathers...and they don't like being around her so they aren't in the show anymore, but think they will bring them back now that the Q line is nearly gone or will they start a new 'family" to go up against the Corinthos and the Drakes? THey need to have another venue of employment in town...the mob or the doctors is all they have! They need to bring back ELQ and give us something to get involved in other than the boring, mindless, useless mob/"the business" careers where it seems no one does anything! Even the doctors...Patrick and steve are the only doctors, with a side of Monica here and there and a few nurses...They just need a different venue. Maybe Tracy will allow AJ to do something with ELQ...or maybe Edward didn't change his will and will have left AJ something...some how get AJ into ELQ..and make something of himself! Anything to get rid of the stupid Mob venue. Any ideas?
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@stealthy (8188)
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21 Nov 12
I don't think the mob thing is going away. But Heather did sneak in and see Edward's will and crowed about knowing something later after she was recaptured. The preview shows Tracy being very upset with the woman lawyer who seems to be the only lawyer being use by anyone right now about the will. So perhaps there is something in it, but supposedly Edward didn't know AJ was alive so how could he be included in the will. Michael is a different story.
@coffeebreak (17820)
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22 Nov 12
Lot could happen! I thought it was really stupid that they had Heather escape. Come on..she fell 8 stories..she wouldn't be walking in a month! They could have had anyone find that will! Diane used to be Sonny's attorney...she quite and went to NewYork to write her book, but in real life she was on that Cougar Town show. I am glad she is back..she is hoot! I am betting that Edward did know AJ was alive...and just didn't tell anyone. And maybe Monica knew he knew ...and didn't say anything. He wasn't the old grouch they always portrayed him as..he was a very smart and kniving old grouch! I hope they bring in new stories...AJ and Michael now get control of ELQ? That'd be cool..has to have something to do with that or Tracy wouldn't have said she wants another lawyer if something hadn't been taken from her! Or maybe include Jason in on that! Leave everything to the grand sons....