She Was Stunningly Beautiful Heroine Of Hindi Movies, But Her End Was Pathetic!

@AKRao24 (4254)
November 23, 2012 2:50am CST
This discussion is about the tragic end of an exceptionally beautiful looking Hindi films heroine Vimi who was head strong, determined and wanted to live the life on her own terms. Having heard about this lady in one of the TV shows last night I have made some research work on her and could gather the following information about her which is very painful and tragic .Though she was very attractive and photogenic, lack of her acting skills and her rebellious nature in her life made her to meet her tragic end at her early 30s. Who can forget the enchantingly beautiful heroine Vimi who enacted as main lady in the popular Hindi movie ‘Hamraaj’ which was released in 1967 ! She was very beautiful and charming lady of her times. The famous lyrist Sahir was so impressed with her enchanting beauty that he couldn’t resist himself from writing the famous song ‘Kisi pathar ki murat se, mohabbat ka irrada hai, praschit ki tamana hai, ibadat ka irrada hai’in her appreciation which was later on filmed on her in the movie ‘Hamraaj’. Vimi was born in a simple orthodox Punjabi family in Jalandhar. Her parents were school teachers and had high values for the culture and traditions. Having got shifted to Mumbai from Punjab Vimi has completed her Post graduation in Psychology from Sophia College in Mumbai and during this period she met Shiv Agrawal who was coming from a Marwari Industrialist family. After a brief courtship they have decided to marry against the will of their parents. Her rebellion against her parents made her disowned by their parents and Vimi got shifted to her husband Shiv Agarwal’s place to stay with him at Calcutta. The film producer B R Chopra was to make a big suspense movie and he wanted to have a fresh heroine in his film. The music director of the film Ravi met Nimi at his son’s Birthday party at Calcutta and he was stunned with the freshness and beauty of this lady. Her diction and style of talking attracted him immensely and she was recommended to B R Chopra.Thus Vimi has become the heroine of the famous movie ‘Humraaz.’ But this time it was her in laws who opposed her and they have separated their son from the family after giving him some money as he was supporting Vimi to act in movies. The movie Hamraaj was a big hit but the performance in the movie by Vimi was not liked by the many producers then. There after though she could get some more movies like Aabroo, Vachan, Kahi Aaar Kahi Paar, Guddi, Patanga etc she couldn’t get much of success as she was not a great at her acting skills. The Couple who were in habit of spending lavishly were finding it very difficult to run the family with the peanuts which they were getting from film Industry. It is said that out of desperation Shiv wanted to make money by using the beauty and glamour of Vimi by sending her to various big producers and high society members which was not liked by Vimi Because of this there used to be lot of tensions and stress in the family which made the couple to split and ShivAgarwal returned back to Calcutta to rejoin his family business.. Having left Shiv, Vimi started to living with a film broker ‘Mr.Jolly’ who used to introduce Vimi to many film makers then to get her some roles. He also had plans to make a film with her. But nothing worked for this beautiful lady. Though she was extremely beautiful with an attractive figure and was very photogenic she couldn’t impress the people for the very simple reason that she was lacking the skill of acting and people used to refer her as a ‘wooden faced lady’! Having left her parents and also her husband Vimi was frustrated with the failures what she faced from the film Industry and she has taken the alcohol as her companion to forget the sorrows of her life. Soon she has become an addict of Alcohol and since Jolly was also not financially very sound she used to consume cheap type of Alcohol available in the local market. Because of excessive alcohol of cheap type her liver got damaged and she had to be admitted in the Leelavati hospital. She was treated there in the general ward for some time before she breathed her last on 22nd August 1977 in her 30s. Jolly was looking after her when she was sick and he has conducted the cremation of this young lady Vimi who died at her thirties at Santacruz Crematorium. Her dead body was wrapped in a dirty cotton sheet (‘Dhoti’) and it was carried on a four wheeled hand cart (thela) which street Vendors use to sell their products. “And to imagine that she once used to drive down the same roads in an Impala. Crowds would hope to catch glimpse of the Humraaz heroine,” recalled a misty-eyed Tejnath Zar who was a producer of Vachan. On the day, she was being taken on her last journey, there were hardly any people except for few curious bystanders. Her fans had forgotten her. So had her producers and heroes. The exceptionally good looking young heroine having exhausted severely lost her life’s fight at the hands of fate when she lost every thing and was exploited ruthlessly by the film folks. There were only nine people present at her cremation and only two were from the film Industry, one was S D Narang’s brother and another was Tejnath Zar. I feel very bad about this lady and often think what her mistake was and why the destiny had played such a cruel role in her life! Your comments will be highly appreciated! Thanks !