excessive sweating,,,,,,,has been cured..

@asliah (11149)
November 23, 2012 4:07am CST
greetings to all of you guys, i am very thankful because my hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating in my armpit is already cured,and it because of my co-workmate who had that before and cured now,he recommended me to use Driclor,and now it is working for my armpit,even how hot the weather or how fast i move it still dry,i am really thankful because i have been suffered for how many years and because of that my confident has been lost,so now i am more confident because its dry now. have you ever been suffer in this kind of disorder in your armpit? how confident are you when your armpit is sweat?why? how you cure it?
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@williamjisir (22909)
• China
30 Apr 13
I do not have this problem of sweating excessively in the armpit, but I am happy that you have got it cured and you are very happy for this. It is good that you are gaining your confidence once again without this excessive sweating. Good for you.
@KrauseHome (34153)
• United States
14 Dec 12
No, I am Lucky that this is something I have never had to deal with. I know people who have had this issue though, and most of them are men. Some it is due to weight and some might be an issue like yours. Personally sometimes I think when people are Diabetic this could also be a part of the problem, but sounds like you solved your problem which is good.
@jenny1015 (13391)
• Philippines
12 Dec 12
That is great news! At least you did not have to undergo a surgery just to be able to get rid of your hyperhydrosis.
@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
23 Nov 12
I have problems with wet underarms. I tried a lot of deodorants that say antiperspirant but they never really worked. So is this Driclor available in any Pharmacy in the Philippines? Where can we buy it? And does this not darken our armpits if we use it? I always am cautious when raising my arms because I know my armpits are wet and it really doesn't look good especially for us ladies.
@edsss17 (4398)
• Philippines
23 Nov 12
Oh! That is very good to hear. You wouldn't be embarrassed anymore in public places when your armpit sweats. Luckily me, my armpit doesn't sweat much. But before, when puberty first occurred, my only problem was its unpleasant odor and it's very disturbing.. But good thing, using Rexona has solved it all! :) Hygiene too is also a lot of help! ^_^