What to do to gain weight

@Anshee (49)
November 24, 2012 9:45am CST
Friends i need to gain weight, i eat too much but still i am slim, i am not too skinny but i need to gain weight on right parts where mass is needed actually, give me some tips for that
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• India
27 Dec 12
I don't know why you really want to put weight on your body.Now a days peoples are working very hard to become slim and fit.Anyway If you want to put weight on your body take more calories.Try to include rice and patato in your daily meal.Just after lunch or dinner take two bananas.Never buy fake medicines from market to gain weight which actually contain steroids.Regular use of steroid may increase your muscle mass but have many side effects.
@surekharathi (14134)
• India
21 Dec 12
Dear first time I reading the discussion about gaining weight but most of the discussion to ask how can loose the weight. I think you should take some vitamins tablet or horlicks. I am fat so searching the way of loosing the weight.
• Philippines
25 Nov 12
My youngest sister used to be underweight and she was told to drink Appebon. It's a milk that's suppose to stimulate your appetite and it was effective! It is quite pricey but hey, if you really wanted to put on weight, it would surely help. Also, eat ore meat. Sleep more and drink vitamins.
@deazil (4556)
• United States
24 Nov 12
Look at this discussion, response #4 www.mylot.com/w/discussions/2720015.aspx?p=1#2_24115329 There are 3 links that might help you.
@AkamaruKei (5220)
• Malaysia
24 Nov 12
Not only you have that problem, i also want to gain my weight. My height is 180cm but my weight is just 48kg that is very very light weight. My target is i want my weight 65kg.
@dpk262006 (56217)
• Delhi, India
24 Nov 12
Hi! You could increase the intake of food items which have fat contents and besides you could take dry fruits as and when possible. In fruits it is said that banana if added with milk (banana shake)is one of the best source to gain weight. You could take regularly take bananas in your diet. Always think positive and be happy, this will help you feel better and this will maintain your weight.
• Philippines
24 Nov 12
I suggest you consult a dietician so that he/she can prescribe a healthy diet plan for you as it would requires a specialist to know what's best to eat so that you can have the desired figure. After that, you can enroll to physical programs such as going to the gym, physical fitness communities to help you achieve a muscular built.