Seeing countries and thinking about prices

@maximax8 (29037)
United Kingdom
November 25, 2012 11:58am CST
It is impossible to see every country in the world. The best countries to travel to are the ones that don't require a visa, have interesting things to see and have low to moderate prices I believe. If you want to visit an expensive country then stop off in it for a few days then fly on to a cheaper destination. I fitted in French Polynesia into a trip to New Zealand. On my trip to Central America I found Guatemala very cheap indeed. I found Mexico and Belize not awfully pricey but more expensive than Guatemala. I just had to go to the Seychelles doing it by going there on a Kenyan aircraft. I visited three different islands there and found it the most expensive place I have ever been to. It was worth it because of its stunningly looking beaches. I recommend Indonesia because it has very cheap prices. What do you think?
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@robspeakman (1705)
25 Nov 12
I would to travel to more far off places. I would like to see New Zealand. I would like to see Canada also. I would like to travel by train to places wherever possible. Long haul flights are in danger of become too expensive for your average traveller in the future
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• China
1 Dec 12
I am looking forward to living in New Zealand maybe for a while maybe for rest of my life.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
26 Nov 12
Hello Maxi. How are you ? I know you are a world traveller. I am always so jealous of you. Ha ha ! No no. In fact, admiring. I have been to several countries, but just half the number you have been too. Enjoy world travelling !
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@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
25 Nov 12
Mexico was good for that before 9-11. Now everyone needs a visa to come here. We used get many americans here to buy our products. We dont much anymore. it has really cost our economy in mx.
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@Porcospino (19841)
• Denmark
6 Mar 13
I love to visit countries where I don't need a visa. It makes travelling a lot easier. I also love to visit countries that are less expensive than my own country. When I visited the countries in Eastern Europe I found them less expensive than the countries in Western Europe where I live. In Romania we were able to get really food and two main courses and two bottles of water cost less than one main course in my own country. In South East Asia the prices were also much lower than the prices I am used to. The food and the local transportation were cheap in both Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. In the future I want to visit some of the other countries in Asia.
• United States
26 Nov 12
I've never traveled abroad so I'm not familiar with other countries prices. I know it cost a lot to travel around the world and the USA is where I'm most familiar. I have been to the Caribbean but it was a touristy town and I'm not sure if they over charged or not. It was beautiful to visit and I'd like to go back there some day on a second honeymoon.
@sweety_81 (2129)
• India
26 Nov 12
You surely have had a lot of travel experience, and awareness about prices, facilities offered etc. There are so many places where we can go, but sometimes geographical constraints hold us.