How do you proove you love him/her ?

November 25, 2012 2:21pm CST
I expect a response especially from girls. I heard the question "how can you proove your love ?" a lot and I think that this thing can't be prooved. I exclude the little suprises that you can do every day but she gets used to it and she ask more and more. Every time I hear this I can't stop smiling because I think that relantionship isn't what they want. They lie to themselvels. I am right? Supose that you leave this thing, what are the evidences of love you give to your girl/boy ?
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• United States
25 Nov 12
Proving love is some that shouldn't be needed.why do I need to prove my love if I'm showing you,protect you.someone break in the house the woman shouldn't have to get up.I think people are selfish when someone say you would do this if you loved me but after they do it you still dont think that person love wats the point of trying to prove love to someone please inform me!
• St. Peters, Missouri
25 Nov 12
I don't think it's possible to "prove" love. It's all about how we treat one another. About respect. About trust. Being respectful to someone, treating them with kindness and respect, and being faithful in all ways, this is how we "prove" love. I agree completely with naryshkashian.
• Philippines
25 Nov 12
i do prove my love for my husband by trusting and respecting him and staying faithful to him even though right now we are far away from each other :) I guess that's the only TRUE way of showing your love, because we can actually give fancy gifts, treat a person out to candle lit dinners and nice lunch dates but when they're not around we're being unfaithful.