November 26, 2012 1:28am CST
if you are single and nobody asks you for a date does that mean you are ugly? Does that mean that nobody is interested to know you?
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• Philippines
26 Nov 12
hi valorie, Welcome to mylot! I am single, not that ugly no one ask me to date them cause I am an expensive date , I do dates with my family and friends. Beauty doesn't base on how many person ask you out happy mylotting keep on posting
• Greece
26 Nov 12
You're totally right. Not because you have a lot of guys courting you, you're already pretty. And it's also the other way around. Physical appearance is not the only reason why a guy wants to be with a particular girl. you should also be sociable and fun to be with. I'm a shy person so no one ask me out even if a lot of people say I'm quite attractive. But who cares, right? Don't worry. You will find a guy who will want to be with you. Just be yourself and have fun. They will like more if you're confident.
• Dhaka, Bangladesh
21 Jan 13
Hi, a good relation develops with the interest of both parties. One sided game or interest does not convey good result. You have to express your interest to someone, you like.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
5 Jan 13
hi, for me if there are no one who will ask a date or even not interested with me then so what?for me doesn't mean that i am ugly without that,i experienced that before when i was in college and the whole life i had in my college was loveless as in zero but i never think that i was an ugly.
@512771751 (1096)
• China
3 Dec 12
I think it doesn't matter. Why don't you think that other people think you are too excellent that they can't pursuit you.
• United States
3 Dec 12
I use to feel the same exact way. I thought I was ugly cause no one would ask me out or seem interested in me, but I keep getting told that I am a good looking guy. I have learned though, to get out more and interact with people. The most important thing is to be your self. Some one will see your worth.
• Indonesia
3 Dec 12
Or is it because you are beautiful and smart, that the guys are afraid to court you because they feel less than what you are? Many reasons why a girl still stay single and nobody has ever asked her for a date, maybe because the guys are afraid to court you, afraid if you might reject them or simply because they don't suit you, or maybe you close yourself from them, etc. The people who only seek for good looking person for date is not worth for a relationship, so don't ever feel that you are ugly and nobody court you because your physical appearance. You are beautiful, you just need to be confident of who you are and take thing slowly, the right guy will come at the right time.
• Singapore
3 Dec 12
Definitely not. People most likely didn't ask you for a date because you are not their type or they don't find you as engaging. And I don't think anyone is ugly, no matter what. Just try to improve yourself constantly
28 Nov 12
I am a single, and no body ask me for a date, but I am still secured for there is some who loves me so much. He is the Lord and my God.
27 Nov 12
hi valorie.. my name is trix.. well, i think being single is different from being lonely so that noboby isn't interested to know you.. im a single myself, but i dont think i'm a lonely guy ;D i got some people around me and i believe that we want to know each better too ;) even if nobody around me that wanna know me better.. i believe.. many people "out there" wanna know about me :) so have a faith and dont loose confidence :) im sure many people around here wanna to know you ;) cheeeeeeerrrrrrssss!!!
@gilenie (190)
27 Nov 12
NO body is ugly GOD created us in different beauty within us. I myself are not having dates, i just happen no one still approaching (LOL) . But seriously it doesn't mean we are ugly because no one asks us? Or maybe those guys who approaches us are not our type (lol) which is which my dear is your reason?
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
26 Nov 12
It may not. It may mean that you are just not lucky. I mean, I haven't had a relationship for the first almost 23 years of my life, and I started thinking that I might be a psychological freak or ugly or the two combined... but then, I met my boyfriend. So... also, beautiful is relative. I know I'm clearly not a media standard-ideal beauty, but my boyfriend loves my looks... so don't give up.
• Kenya
26 Nov 12
Everybody is beautiful in their on different ways, you need to reach out more to people for you to get noticed. Build a bridge for people to use to come looking for you and wanting to be with you then you will realize that your life gets interesting by the day.
@ateeq199 (20)
26 Nov 12
I you are single and there is no one to date with you that means you are very precious and nobody can afford you :)
@AkamaruKei (5218)
• Malaysia
26 Nov 12
That not mean we are ugly if we still single. Some people they very shy with other people even he/she have good looking face. Some people maybe still find who is very match with his/her that why he/she still single. :)