About hating somebody

November 26, 2012 11:22am CST
I had a friend which I used to help her with all her problems.But now I discovered that she cheated me with my boyfriend! So I hate her, but sometimes I met her on my bus, or in a cafe-bar and I can't stop my anger! So please help me with an advice about how to treat her..
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26 Nov 12
i would act like i dont know that she cheated you with your man and see the way she acts around you. I would wait for her to make the first move. let her start a conversation, let her come up to you and unless she does this dont talk to her first.
• Romania
26 Nov 12
I can't hate someone and I'll never do this. It's more easy to be indifferent. In this situation I play with that person. I love to see how he/she is nervous because of me. I recmando you to do the same thing. It works and it can't be considered revenge.