Mysterious Monday Visitor

United States
November 26, 2012 4:38pm CST
This makes the second Monday morning with us having the most mysterious visitor. Last Monday morning, I was awoken by Tigger (my kitty) meowing, pawing, and scratching at the arcadia door in the bedroom. This is pretty odd behavior for him. Well, slowly I got up. Of course, he wanted to go outside like always so I got dressed let him out onto the patio. I figured I would step outside on the patio for a few minutes to get some fresh air. In the corner, I could see that there was someting. My sleep eyes had not quite adjusted. Then, I realize that it was a gray cat curled up in the corner. It most have been startled. It got up and jumped over the patio wall. Well, I had my answer of what it was that was driving Tigger crazy that morning. It was that another cat was on his patio. I truthfully thought that he was being territorial at first. The gray cat came back again that morning. A little later I heard meowing on the patio. Not wanting a fight I went to go supervise. Plus Tigger looked like he was scared as he was hunched near the door. Then, today a week later we almost had a house visitor. I had let Tigger out onto the patio and left the door open to the patio like always. All of a sudden I see a big gray cat about to come into the house. Not wanting a strange cat in the house I went out to the patio. Tigger followed me out. The cat jumped up onto the patio wall and just perched there. I was going to try to say hello to the cat, but then it jumped over the patio wall. Again, I went into the house a little while later I hear the gray cat meowing and Tigger meowing. Tigger was sticking his nose through one of the wholes of the patio and the gray cat was peeking his nose in from the outside of the patio. I went out to try to say hello to the kitty ran back across the street in the apartment complex to the building on the other side. The odd part was that TIgger kept looking for the cat to come back. He kept meowing. Then, he even jumped up on top of the patio wall were the cat had perched before it had ran off.He would come into the house like he hoped that if he was not out on the patio that the cat would come back. He even went to sit in the window sill like he was looking for where the gray cat had gone. It is the oddest thing. I do not know if it is a stray or just a cat that lives in the complex that is an outdoor cat. It is pretty big. That cat is even bigger than Tigger. Either way it looks like Tigger has a new friend. We will have to wait to see if the cat comes back again.
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@marie2052 (3697)
• United States
27 Nov 12
Sounds like my tink. he howls if he smells a cat in the backyard. I assume he is calling the female. I guess Doc did not inform him after his surgery that he is neutered. Just be careful with your cat since you said the grey one is larger than your kitty. Diseases come to mind along with if the cat is not friendly to yours it could strike out at him. Specially if its a male. Sorry for being on the defense side. Just want to see no harm come to your kitty.
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@jeztrose (1405)
• Philippines
27 Nov 12
WE have lots of cats in our has too, i guess we have four all in all. Actually it is my mother's pets. She really love cats, well for me i don't have any interest in them, hehe I think that gray cat wants to have a playmate,i think he likes you cat that is why he always goes there, and it would be nice that your cat would have some friend to.
• United States
3 Dec 12
Yes, it would be nice for them to be friends, but they are going to have to have their playdate out on the patio. The cat came back the next morning I heard it meowing. I was sleeping and considering I had only got a few hours sleep I was not going to get up. Plus, I need to get some decent sleep because I had an interview that afternoon. At the sound of the cat meowing Tigger jumped right out of bed and sprinted to go look out the patio door. He was inside. I heard them meowing at each other. Maybe they were having a discussion about something. Well, we will have to see if the cat comes back this week to visit.