Kratom Leaves and Kava Root a Natural Replacement for Synthetic Narcotics?

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November 26, 2012 6:25pm CST
I'm broke now so I can't afford any, but I took kratom for almost 3 years and it sure helped my back (and mood) much better than opioids. And after 3 years I stopped and I didn't notice any w/d, but some report it. I tried kava also for anxiety and it did wonders for a few years with anxiety, it also has muscle relaxing properties. Now after going to doctors for 15 years and taking so many meds I can't even remember half of what I took. My mom asked me weeks after I stopped buying both of these, "why are you feeling bad, you seemed happy the past few years." Both kava and kratom are legal to buy and sell in the US. With kratom, it's sold usually as incense, and what you do with it is your business, and I don't encourage anyone to take anything not USDA-approved. Kava on the other hand is legal to sell as a supplement. The only think is cost. I believe these 2 natural things will beat any pain pill or benzo out there. But it's like buying meds with no insurance. Anyway, what do you guys think? Has nature already provided us with all the medication we need or do we need to keep focusing on synthetic drugs? It seems to me we are so over-medicated we just don't know what to do now. TV tells us we have problems we didn't know we even had. What if there was zero money to be made? What about all the scientists who made great discoveries that did it for the creation itself, not the money (and most didn't get any money for so many things we enjoy today.)
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3 Feb 13
I think we can find remedies in nature that are close if not better than anything we currently enjoy from the pharmacies. I wish there was more education on what people could use that was a natural and cheaper replacement for common items.