The eyes is useless

November 27, 2012 2:09am CST
The Eyes Is Useless When Our Mind Is Blind Is true, for the quote above, that is no use for our eyes, if our mind is not open. So it is important if you want to learning something you must first to open your mind first before you open the eyes to learning something. It also same as if you want to know a person or love somebody, it is useless to know the person or love somebody, if you don't open your eyes even you open your eyes. Are you going to agree with the quote above,any view, comment and real life story, can be sharing on here.
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• India
27 Nov 12
Hi friend, i agree, we must have a good and kind heart and try our maximum to help others. Some persons don't have mercy and not interested in helping others even though they are seeing about other's sufferings. Really this kind of persons are blind even they are having their eyes, there is not use with their physical eyes unless they don't have kindness in their heart
@jeztrose (1405)
• Philippines
27 Nov 12
Very true, most of the people nowadays are blind, they have the so-called love is blind, though you have your eyes but it is your heart that chose to love, it is your mind that tells you to love him/her.
@toyota4k (1212)
• Philippines
27 Nov 12
The eye is the last resort to judge anything. In our place there is an old saying, If you can't use your brains, at least you have eyes or at least you can use your eyes.
@betty1989 (752)
• China
27 Nov 12
seeing is believing. but as you said, if the mind is close, eyes will treat us. have a bright mind and open your eyes, that wi quite good.