Being "nervous"

November 27, 2012 4:09am CST
Being nervous is almost a thing of everybody. Not one single child or middle aged or adult has ever said he/she hasn't been into this kind of feeling. It's just a normal reaction of our mind that usually comes out when we are faced with a short-term challenge, be it in school, workplace, at home or anywhere else. As for me, I find being nervous beneficial in some ways. First off, it keeps you alert because the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated and so the heart pumps out more blood which carries with it the hormone epinephrine, essential for fight or flight response. Second, it keeps you awake because you tend to become so uncomfortable and is a good thing actually for racers on field and lastly, because you are nervous, you tend to find a way on how you could overcome it so the next time you feel it, you can easily get through it.
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@edvc77 (2143)
• Philippines
28 Nov 12
I really get nervous when I speak publicly and to the crowd. I don't know why. Probably, I don't have the guts to speak with many people and all of them are staring and listening to me. I know I should overcome this. Maybe I should take lessons in speech power. :-) Thanks for this discussion. Have a nice day!
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
27 Nov 12
I am too nervous... well, it has improved, but still, I even shake because of excitement or not to say something wrong if I just have a talk with a teacher or when I go to the dentist, even though I'm not fearing the actual teethpulling at all... for me, it's only beneficial because this way I overanalyse an ything, and I know the possible outcomes, so I'm always prepared.
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
27 Nov 12
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Yes u are very much correct, being nervous is quite normal for a human being and i think it is always better to be nervous but overnervousness is never acceptable. I think when u are nervous it indicates that u are serious about your task or assignment and u are longing to do it in a better way. I had stage nervousness before but with time i overcame it and now i am a much more confident guy. What say?