Red Velvet..?

United States
November 27, 2012 9:13pm CST
I was working on a couple of pages off of my Math homework with my buddies over at the school library, when a fellow student was carrying a Dunkin' Doughnuts box evidently for Give-A-Thon (Huge yearly charity event that our school does). One of the teachers who tutors Math (from Algebra ~ Calculus) decided to donate some money to get some donuts to share, one being a red velvet doughnut. Now, I never had a red velvet anything before, so this was a first experience. She used a plastic knife to cut the doughnuts to bite-sized doughnut hole pieces for everyone to try, and as people got their shares, there was one piece left. I was reluctant in getting it, and people were encouraging me to have one, seeing as how delicious they thought it was. Munch. Okay, so this doughnut tasted like any other doughnut in Dunkin' Doughnuts. It's sweet, and kind of tastes like any other bland doughnut. Is this really how it should taste? Because I'm pretty sure it's not like that. Regardless, I have yet to try out some more. That doughnut was a first in over three years..
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@ajlasent (485)
• Philippines
30 Nov 12
Errr, my reply probably won't be of much help since i haven't tried anything "red velvet" all... donuts, cupcakes, nothing. haha! I'm just curious though, which is why I responded... first donut in over three years? wow... why, if i may ask? :)
• United States
30 Nov 12
In our family, we don't eat much sweets, mainly American sweets. I originally loved eating chocolate (twix, snickers.. etc) as a child, but that bit my rear when I grew taller as well as wider. Donuts in particular just haven't been something we ate because eating bread bland was a norm to us and having icing or some covering on the doughnut felt a bit "unorthodox" if you will. Anyways, I guess I was indulging myself over eating doughnuts. I'm kind of partial to eating so many sweets because I have a pretty big sweet tooth for these things.. I've heard that red velvet just makes things taste a bit like strawberries, though I felt more skeptical after having tasted my piece of the doughnut because it tasted like any bland doughnut.. (Not really a bagel.. It's pretty sweet )
@Fishmomma (11535)
• United States
1 Dec 12
My area doesn't have a Dunkin Donuts; however, when I was younger there was a Dunkin Donuts in that state and we would go there for a treat. I'll admit really liked the coffee and donuts, but there wasn't a Red Velvet. I have a sweet tooth, but prefer a cookie.