how was high school for you

@Edobos (27)
November 27, 2012 11:25pm CST
I was thinking today about my highschool period and I realise that few of us stayed friends since then. Each one of us went to different colleges. I had two friends left...with one of them I had a fight and with the other the relationship got rather cold. So I don`t see a reason why I should go to the highscool reunion most of my colleagues were coming from rich families and they were extremly superficial. So i don`t think is one at least who I could say I would like to see again.
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
6 Dec 12
hi, for me high school life was the most enjoyable part of my life,because in that time i was starting to learn something in my life,the first time i felt hurt and been jealous to my crushes,and most of all the first time that i have been fell in love to a guy.really happy time when i was in high school.
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
2 Dec 12
Oh high school was really the best time ever, i guess! =) It sure was full of good memories, too bad i am not as close with my high school buddies now, unlike before when we were really very close and thought we could never lose the relationship. Highschool was the time when we were just having fun, not thinking of anything else but exams, sports, extra curricular activities, and so on. it sure was one of the best times one can ever have. everything seemed so perfect in those times as you would not have to think of any pressure (real life ones, haha). oh well how i miss those times when we can just spend a lot of time together, hang out, study, watch movies, and all. =)
@leeandrew (1226)
• Philippines
1 Dec 12
High school was the best and the worst time of my life. It's where "I get messy and dirty but I've learned" time. I run away from home, I became a drinker, my grades went down and attended classes drunk. Those where my "rock on life", I've got a boyfriend but I like someone else... so crazy! But my high school days was also my best days. I've learn a lot from my mistakes and from people. Those where the time I learn whose company of people should I go. Now that I'm older I am thankful that I've been through a lot in high school co's it made me a better person.
• Philippines
30 Nov 12
I must say, I had fun during my high school life. I didn’t regret doing some crazy things back then in high school because it gives us lessons and we learn a lot from our past teenage experiences. I love that fact that high school life is the passage of knowing some good or bad things the world can offer. It’s just a matter of choosing yourself which things would opt to satisfy your curiosity about something.
• Indonesia
28 Nov 12
Maybe you can start to fix your relationship with your friend. Everybody changing and they just need a friend just like us. If you can fix it, maybe it's time to you to make a new friend in that reunion. Try to remember the best moment of your high school period. Be active in that reunion.
• Romania
28 Nov 12
Every thing has its time of! Courage!
@betty1989 (752)
• China
28 Nov 12
Maybe you just think too much. High school friends are great and they are really pure without any destination. You should cherish your friendship in high school. you will get unforgettable memory if you come to join them. High school reunion is rare. As you mention most of your colleagues come from rich families, I do not think this will affect your friendship. they have other good point.