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November 28, 2012 4:03am CST
Friends I want to share about ‘Manabasa Gurubar’, a festival it starts from tomorrow. I will be observing this on Thursdays. Source: http://stotrapushpalu.blogspot.in/2009/11/margasira-lakshmi-vara-vratham-manbasa.html (NOT MY LINK.) http://www.odisha.gov.in/portal/LIWPL/event_archive/Events_Archives/124Manabasa_gurubar.pdf (NOT MY LINK) Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped by women and girls in Orissa on every Thursday of the month of Margasira (November – December) and this is known as Manabasa Gurubar. Margasira or Margasir is the ninth month in Oriya calendar. Mahalakshmi, or Laxmi, is the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity and is believed to visit homes in Margasira month. In 2012, Manabasa Gurubar dates are November 29, December 6, December 13 and December 27. What we do? On the morning of Manabasa Gurubar, Oriya women wake up early in the morning and clean the house to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. There is a popular belief that Goddess Lakshmi only visits clean houses. So all the dirt is removed and the houses are kept clean.. The entrance to the home is decorated with Alpana. Special pujas are offered to Lakshmi and Oriya scripture Mahalakshmi Purana is read on all Thursdays. A regional pot used to measure paddy is filled with freshly harvested paddy and is kept in the puja area, which symbolizes prosperity. [b]Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Jagannath and she is worshipped as an independent deity in many regions of Orissa. Do you have any such festival?[/b] Please share your views and comment on this. Kalyani November 28, 2012.
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28 Nov 12
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Glad that u gave every details about this amazing festival. Even my mother is going to follow this festival and i feel very blessed and pious on this day. Even i help my mother sometimes in cooking and laying out the jhoti on the verandahs. Every year i look forward to this festival so that i can see my mother do all the rituals. This festival is one of the most followed festival by the Oriya ladies and hope this tradition goes on till ages and ages. What say?
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2 Dec 12
I am happy you help your maa, maa is goddess for us; her blessing is enough to guide you . ENJOY A GREAT 'SUNDAY'
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17 Dec 12
Thanks a ton aunty, i have always been fascinated by this occasion and i feel it an honor to help my mother so that she does not get stressed up to handle everything. Very recently i helped her while making alpana and thankfully it turned out to be a good one. He he he.
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31 Jan 13
Its nice to know more on this oriya festival. In fact sometimes, we being oriya people, even dont know much about some festivals observed in our state.