Will you invite in your home somebody who ask you a glass of water?

November 28, 2012 11:54am CST
Is simple, do you trust in somebody who come to your door and ask you a glass of water? Are you a person who don t afraid a new person who you never meet before but need your help? I am one who afraid, and i ll give him a buttle of water, but never invite him in my house. I know, Godshow us to be good person, and help each other...but even i am good person, i am not a silly one. What do you think?
2 responses
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
28 Nov 12
I might be rude or inconsiderate, but not. Especially as in my country, there are water taps every once... I'm just so afraid of someone asking to enter my room, and then hit me and rape me or steal my belongings. I'm really cautious, and not stupid.
@vernaC (1493)
• Romania
28 Nov 12
Nowadays, I'm sure no one will do this anymore. Maybe just give them water but not to let them get inside the house. We cannot trust strangers these days. Even if their intention is just to ask for water, if they realize you're alone, they might take advantage of the situation.