Sociopaths Must Rule The World If "This Is How The World Works".

@cluelle (132)
November 30, 2012 9:01am CST
It seems like we ask these questions all the time; why would she/he do that? Doesn't she/he understand that it hurts me? How could that person turn everyone against me? It brings a sort of peace of mind to accept the fact that people like this, who seem unaware of emotional or moral values, are in fact never going to learn. That's because they literally cannot feel what you are feeling. They enjoy the burst of drama they create when they manipulate and deceive people. They are only out for their own gain, and if you tell them they did wrong, they will smile and think about how clever they were. You might have experienced this on the playground as a child, too. I know I have. The worst part of it all is that these people know how manipulate, so other people like them because most social connections are too shallow to allow insight. Parents don't want to believe that their child might actually be a monster, so they believe the word of a gang of children, led by this one, over a single child. Part of this horror is group-think conditioning that teaches us to follow the example of the strongest person (the smartes one who can spin the most convincing dogma and offer the best rewards for loyalty, from candy, to cars, to simply being one of the group). When one person doesn't want to play a game or participate in a mind-numbing "group trust exercise" or sharing circle, that person is seen as the outsider. "How the world really works" is something people like to tell you as you get older. What that means is, "There are people incapable of compassion, and they outnumber or manipulate us to the point where we will hurt each other to receive the rewards they offer. Because everyone else is acting according to this principle, you must, too, to survive."
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