November 30, 2012 4:11pm CST
Why is facebook not working on desktop today...it feels like life is dumb without facebook...i never felt like that...but without it for a day i can realize why did i give so much importance to it in first place. Do you feel the same?
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@stanley777 (7177)
• Philippines
1 Dec 12
Not really, i do not use facebook that much, since it is just a way for me to communicate and get updates with my relatives who are far.. I just check it daily for updates, i do not stay on there that long.. You should spend more time here.
• India
26 Dec 12
I also be there just to see what updates my friends, colleagues and family have for me...not too serious on posting stuff. But i feel isolated when i dont find those updates coz the facebook doesnt work.
• Philippines
27 Dec 12
Oh, I see what you mean. I think you should check your network connection, maybe the problem is there.My FB connection is doing fine, maybe it's in your end. I guess you should look into it so you may know why.
• Philippines
1 Dec 12
Yes I do!.. It's like your day will never be complete without it.. Maybe because we're so used to opening it daily & we get updates from our friends & frienemies. Lol
• Japan
1 Dec 12
Sorry to hear that you are experiencing that oh well you should check your net connection ;-) I don't do Facebook but I do mylot a lot or surfing different stuff online haha hope you get this things fix so you can enjoy facebooking??
• Jacksonville, Florida
30 Nov 12
Nope, don't feel that way at all without facebook. I feel that way about MyLot though! Facebook I never go on, its a waste of time to me since I could be making money here... Without MyLot for a whole day!?! Nooooooooooooooooooo! I would LOSE my mind without being here!
@Mavic123456 (12831)
• Thailand
30 Nov 12
oh yes facebook is one of the best sites I really wanted to log in. I have there complete, free and real time communication with the family back home. So when I log in there I see if they are on or some messages or photos. and we communicate through this. If Facebook will just shut down its existence, maybe A lot of people will go crazy...