Why there is no "dislike or Don't like" option

November 30, 2012 8:07pm CST
Millions of people use facebook, I have a doubt, for any photo or status that we update will have only "Like Comment Share" options and why there is no "Don't Like or Dislike" option?, do any one having the same doubt please discuss here, because "don't like" is also an opinion like "like" but there is no option why can any one answer me.
2 responses
@groupepub (150)
• France
1 Dec 12
Imaging you are putting a picture, video or any post on your facebook profile then one of your friend hit the button dislike? how would you feel at that time?? I think that's why Facebook doesn't want to add a button dislike. If you don't like just leave it like that. ;)
@mrsuniega (789)
• Philippines
1 Dec 12
For me why there is no dislike button is because dislike is somehow ridiculous. if a user doesn't like the status or photo then just leave it there. dislike button may begin a fight in the internet between the FB users.